Limited Places Remain in All Events • Sunday 3 November 2019
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Runner Chats

Runner Chats

Runners Chats are a media partner of the Four Vines Running Festival

A podcast exploring Running culture in Melbourne, Australia, and speaking with the personalities within it. Hosted by local boys Peter James and Nathan Fenton, these guys aren't afraid of a good laugh as they talk all things running and chat to some great people within this great running community.

There are plenty of great running podcasts which focus on performance, racing, and getting the most out of yourself as an athlete.  But there was a distinct gap in the podcast world; one that missed the general banter and light-hearted running chit-chat that so many athletes engage in so often.  So with beers in hand, some borrowed equipment, and a misguided sense of confidence, we set about recording some banter.  We have every expectation that we will be highly embarrassed by earlier episodes as we progress and improve.  If we’re not, then we’re doing something wrong!So please join our journey, hear such varied approaches to such a simple act of running and enjoy the stories from guests we speak to from around the road, trail and track running worlds.

Peter and Nathan will be out and about at Four Vines to check up on how your run goes!