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Tom Lumb's Journey

Tom Lumb's Journey

Fresh off a solid run at the Great Ocean Road Marathon on the weekend is the runner with perhaps the most unusual day job! It's Tom Lumb, better known as Mountainrox on Instagram, he's a sky dive instructor by day.... and runner every other time! In his own words, this is Tom:

So why do you run?!

I run because walking takes too long! Running has introduced me to a healthier lifestyle, new friends and takes me to some places I may never had visited otherwise.

What motivates you?

My running calendar is pretty full. This keeps me constantly motivated to get out the door come rain or shine. Each running event I do I learn something new, whether it be about nutrition, hydration, tackling obstacles or running in adverse conditions. I can then draw on these experiences in other races to get me through when the going gets tough.

What are you running in at Four Vines?

I'm running the Shepparton Travel & Cruise Four Vines Marathon and can't wait! Having ran several Marathons and Ultra Marathons this year, I train all year long as I like to keep in a constant state of Marathon readiness... Just incase a race pops up I might fancy, don't want to get caught out because i'm unfit!

Which events are your favourites?

I don't have a particular favourite event to run. I'm very much in the mindset of you only live once, so for me I want to try all the events out there! There doesn't seem to be enough time to run the same event twice, but I do love a Parkrun every so often. Always a great sociable run catching up with runners, perfect warm up before heading out for morning coffee on a Saturday! 

Where do you like to run?

Favourite running spots are the ones closest to where I live, Albert park and the Tan Track. You'll always see plenty of runners at either location and can be a great motivator as opposed to running around St Kilda where folk are cracking beers and laughing at the sweaty running guy at the Water Fountain...  For longer runs I head out on the Capital City trail or if time allows i'll hit the trails out at the Dandenong Ranges.

Which groups do you run with?

I try to catch up with my local 605 crew on Tuesday mornings. Thats 6:05am every Tuesday at Station Pier, Port Melbourne. Pretty special, because if your late, there's penalties for lateness...

What is your go to pre race meal?

My pre-race meal usually consists of a bowl of Porridge with Blueberries 2hrs before the race start. This is followed by 2-3 Coffee's to flush out the system. It's worked every race for me so far, haven't been caught out yet!

Favourite wine?

Favourite wine is Merlot. I drink it because the name reminds me of a mythical Wizard with great ideas.... kind of the guy I turn into after a bottle or 2!

Where can we find you on the socials?

Find me on the socials @mountainrox

We are all for sharing the running journey. To hear more about other runners from the Melbourne running community check out the Runner Chats podcast, available in your favourite app store now!
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