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James Bodycoat's Journey

James Bodycoat's Journey

Why do you run?

Running for me is a form of happiness! It gives me a sense of feeling good and it is a bit of me time as well! I never come home unhappy after a nice little 10km run. Running also gives me drive.... It keeps me driven with upcoming goals!

How long have you been running and how did you get your start?

I enjoyed running back in high school in the long distance athletics events and in cross country but that was a long time ago. Mid 2016 amd in my early 30s, I decided to just start up a little 2 to 3km jogging routine 4 or 5 times a week. Wasn't long and those small runs started to get a little longer... Then by October 2016 I entered my first 10km event, then November I entered a 15km event and then by Feb 2017 I had a go a couple of different half marathons. October last year I completed my first full marathon at the Melb Mara. Since then I have been hell bent on wanting to get into ultras... I had big plans this year but I have had a knee injury on and off all year which has put the ultra plans on hold for the time being...

James Bodycoat's Journey

What motivates you to keep running or to get through tough races?

Running I have come to realise is good for me. I need it in my life. It keeps me driven. I love checking the run calendars online and scoping out new events to try and plan to have a crack at... It's become a huge part of my life this whole caper of running and I bloody love it!

Which event are you running at Four Vines and what sort of training, if any, are you planning to do in the lead up?

I have entered in the full marathon, but my knee has hampered my training significantly so all things going well I'll hit the start line but I won't be shooting for a time... it will be simply about enjoyment and managing my pace at a very slow pace for self preservation as I'll be going in underdone in terms of actual running training! I have been doing heaps on the spin bike and at the gym however.

What is your favourite event and why?

I have completed a 10km, a 15km, 6 half marathons, a 28km and a full marathon. The marathon was definitely my favourite... I think the most exciting part was when I hit the 30km mark and knew this was as far as I had ever run... it was like heading into unknown territory and was exhilirating! That feeling is what has ignited the passion to want and tackle ultras!! Just need this knee to fully heal first!!!

Where is your favourite place to run and why?
I have 2 favourites... One is a nice 10km loop from my home around the Seven's creek Apex track in my home town of Euroa. The other is a nice flat 21km run from my home in Euroa to the Violet Town Pool in the Summer time, running parallel to the Hume hwy the whole run.

Which groups do you run with and what makes them special?
No groups, but that is mostly because there aren't any in my area really... and also... I love running by myself... It is my me time... Occassionally like maybe 3 or 4 times for the year I'll run with a mate but that's it.

What tips do you have for newer runners?
Listen to your body, don't do too much too soon... Just increase your mileage in small chunks each month or otherwise you could trigger an unwanted injury.

What is your go-to pre race meal?
On race morning I like 2 crumpetts with butter and a vanilla latte.

What's your favourite wine?
Definitely a huge advocate of original passion pop... I honestly used to swear to my mates back in uni in the early 2000s that if it were on tap in the pub I would order it in a pint instead of a beer :)

Where can we find you on the socials?
Instagram: @myquest2runanultramarathon and also @jimmybodycoat

We are all for sharing the running journey. To hear more about other runners from the Melbourne running community check out the Runner Chats podcast, available in your favourite app store now!
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