Limited Places Remain in All Events • Sunday 3 November 2019
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Jacqui Tol's Journey

Jacqui Tol's Journey

Continuing on our Runner Journey feature, this week we chat to Jacqui Tol, a Melbourne based runner who is a regular at a couple of running groups down there. We chat about her running, what motivates her and ask about how she plans to tackle Four Vines. Read on...

Why do you run? 

Because I can. It seems a very simple answer but there are so many that can't. I really found my feet in 2013 when I was part of a team for Surf Coast Century and discovered trail running. 

What motivates you to keep running or to get through tough races? 

FOOD! haha. Food is a constant topic of conversation on a long run. My motivation to keep running is to stay fit and healthy.

Which event are you running at Four Vines? 

I'm doing the Nokkon Half Marathon and my training leading in will be minimal as I'll be coming off the 100km in September (at Surf Coast Century). Ill have a week or two break post Surf Coast Century and see how I feel. 

What is your favourite event and place to run?

I'd have to say Surf Coast Century as it was my first introduction to trail running, I remember that first run along the beach as the sun was rising over the waves and thought "wow who gets to do this?!" Other than the Surf Coast I'd have to say New Zealand, everywhere you turn is a postcard moment. 

Which groups do you run with and what makes them special? 

I run with the #getitdone club, it's an awesome inclusive group of people with the clear goal of helping each other out. When time permits I also try to get down to a Go Run session on a Wednesday night and I've been know to attend a Nike Run Club session or two!

What tips do you have for newer runners? 

Join a group and don't be intimidated, everyone has to start somewhere, don't think "oh I'll join when I'm fitter or faster" the whole point of a group is to help you. Join now!

What is your go-to pre race meal? 

Baked sweet potato with homemade chilli and avocado.

What's your favourite wine? 

I'm actually a massive fan of Tahbilk wines so doing this event was a no brainer, I'm also a massive fan of Central Otago wines.  

Where can we find you on the socials?

Insta @jacqsonsquare facebook Jacqui Tol

We are all for sharing the running journey. To hear more about other runners from the Melbourne running community check out the Runner Chats podcast, available in your favourite app store now!
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