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Em Fisher's Journey

Em Fisher's Journey

Em Fisher is one of Melbourne's more popular runners and has a very deep connection with Tahbilk Winery, the host venue of the Shepparton Travel & Cruise Four Vines Running Festival! We'll let her write about herself:

What does running mean to you, why run, and how did you start?

I run for peace, it’s my meditation, my frustration, my adoration. Sometimes is love a love hate. It’s always a challenge. I started running for fitness. Running was an accident, it soon became my outlet. I used to run the kids to sleep in their pram. I'm like a different person when I'm racing. Probably the only time I ever dig deep. It’s a zone. I love being in that zone.

Which race are you doing at Four Vines Running Festival?

I’m doing the Four Vines Nokkon Half Marathon.... there could be potential to upgrade ... 

Which is your favourite event?

My favorite event is Melbourne Marathon. Geez I love that city. Unfinished business and I’m chasing Spartan status. Number 6 this year. 

Four to go, sweet, which is your running club of choice?

Running in the Burbs are my people. Inclusive, social, fun. Much like many of the recreational running clubs and people I’ve met. Running clubs are a great asset !

Yeah they are, what advice could you give to newer runners?

Advice to newbies. Run for fun. Run your own race. Find a your people. Nerves are normal. Pre race dreams of forgetting bibs, shoes, being late etc - all normal

We better remember to bring the racebibs to give out, imagine that! The night before, what will you eat before the Nokkon Half Marathon?

I love a gnocchi - and a red wine 

Red wine, hey, so, tell us more about what wine you prefer...

Ohh. Did I mention that I am a red wine drinker with a running problem? Also a sparkling wine for celebrating.. everything 

And Em, where can we find you on the socials?

Funrun75 on Insta :) 

We are all for sharing the running journey. To hear more about other runners from the Melbourne running community check out the Runner Chats podcast, available in your favourite app store now!
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